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Home Made Luxe 12 Month Subscription

Home Made Luxe 12 Month Subscription

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Prepay and Save!

Home Made Luxe is a monthly craft subscription box! Get all the crafty materials you need to create a gorgeous home decor project delivered to your doorstep. Pay just 33.99 a box and free shipping when you prepay for 12 months in advance!

Subscription Details

You will receive a box every month and be billed every 12 months. You can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time. 
Gift Subscriptions do not renew, they are a one time charge, so choose a gift subscription during checkout to ensure it does not renew after 12 months.


Finding Time to Craft Is Hard
This Is Exactly Why We Made Pinterest in Box!

Here are the top 4 reasons we hear for not crafting and why you need Home Made Luxe in your life right now:

1) I like to craft/DIY but I can't figure out what craft project I want to do.
We deliver gorgeous, blogger designed, pinterest inspired projects. No cheap trinkets here you will create custom home decor pieces you can treasure for years to come. All the projects are easy enough for beginners yet interesting enough for seasoned crafters. 
2) I hate figuring out what supplies are needed for a project.
All the supplies you need to create the project is in the box! 
3) I can't find time to go to the craft store and they are overwhelming.
We deliver everything to your doorstep, no trips to the craft store needed! 
4) I love to craft but I just can't find the time
We deliver a craft kit every month, so once a month craft sessions are within reach! All you have to do is add the wine! ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is Home Made Luxe?
Our craft kits cost $39.99 with free shipping.

2) What does a subscription mean?
It means you will receive a new craft kit every month and you will be billed every month. 

3) What if I change my mind?
You can log into your account and cancel anytime! You can also skip a month if you don't like that month's project or you are going out of town.

4) How do we know what next month's project will be?
We send an email before you are billed with the next month's project, we also announce it on your social media. At that time you have the option to skip that month, if the project doesn't suit your taste.

5) Subscriptions aren't my thing, are there any other options?
Yes we also offer one time craft kits, however, these are limited quantities of our subscription projects and are only available while supplies last.