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Gemstone Soap Kit
Gemstone Soap Kit
Gemstone Soap Kit
Gemstone Soap Kit
Gemstone Soap Kit

Gemstone Soap Kit

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This Gemstone Soap making Kit is the perfect Gift! Each kit creates 4 pinterest inspired gemstone soaps. A unique and colorful do it yourself craft idea straight to your doorstep! All necessary craft supplies are included in the craft box with instructions.  

Items included:

White Glycerin Soap, Clear Glycerin Soap, Red Soap Colorant, Blue Soap Colorant, Yellow Soap Colorant, Toothpicks, Soap Molds. Written and Video Instructions. 

Additional Items needed: Knife, Microwave

Craft level: Beginner

Time Required: 1 hour plus setting time for soap


Finding Time to Craft Is Hard
This Is Exactly Why We Made Pinterest in Box!

Here are the top 4 reasons we hear for not crafting and why you need Home Made Luxe in your life right now:

1) I like to craft/DIY but I can't figure out what craft project I want to do.
We deliver gorgeous, blogger designed, pinterest inspired projects. No cheap trinkets here you will create custom home decor pieces you can treasure for years to come. All the projects are easy enough for beginners yet interesting enough for seasoned crafters. 
2) I hate figuring out what supplies are needed for a project.
All the supplies you need to create the project is in the box! 
3) I can't find time to go to the craft store and they are overwhelming.
We deliver everything to your doorstep, no trips to the craft store needed! 
4) I love to craft but I just can't find the time
We deliver a craft kit every month, so once a month craft sessions are within reach! All you have to do is add the wine! ;)