Acrylic Pour Paint Tutorial

This DIY Acrylic Pour Paint Project is so simple, yet so amazing. All the materials you need to create this DIY Acrylic Pour Paint project are available in a Home Made Luxe Project Kit. 

DIY acrylic pour painting




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preparing canvas for DIY acrylic pour painting

1. Spread plastic drop cloth on your surface. Turn over canvas & add a push pin to each corner. Put on your gloves.  In 3 of the cups, add half of each paint color.
mixing acrylic paint with pouring medium
2. Add small amount of pouring medium to each cup and stir with craft stick until paint easily pours from stick (do not make it too runny).
paint pour technique for DIY acrylic pour painting

3. Puddle Pour Technique:  Pour small puddles of one color around the canvas, then pour another color on top and the third color on top of that.

spreading paint for DIY acrylic pour painting

4. Run craft stick through each of the puddles. Tilt the canvas until entire canvas is covered in color. Let dry.

technique for acrylic pour painting pinterest craft

5. Flip Cup Technique: Repeat step 2 with the rest of the paint. Pour some of 1 color into a clean cup, continue pouring other paints on top until all paints are gone.

fill cup technique for acrylic pour painting

6. Use craft stick to stir once. Place canvas on top of cup and flip over. Allow paint to run down sides of cup to the canvas.

pull cup from canvas for acrylic pour painting technique

7. Pull the cup quickly off the canvas. Tilt the canvas until entire canvas is covered in color. Let dry.

home made luxe DIY acrylic pour painting craft box

8. Admire your creations and hang on wall as a pair.





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  • Stephanie

    If this safe to do while pregnant?

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