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Canvas Art with DIY Paper Flowers


The perfect Valentines project for yourself, your loved one or your child! This DIY canvas art project will teach you how to make paper flowers. But what we love best about this chalkboard heart canvas art is that it can be used year-round to write love notes to your sweetie or affirmation notes to yourself or your child! 

You will find step by step directions below or you can grab a Home Made Luxe Chalkboard Canvas Craft kit here. 

Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe Chalkboard Canvas Craft Kit


  • Canvas
  • Black Chalkboard Paint
  • Red Chalkboard Paint
  • Chalk Marker
  • Painter's Tape
  • Paint Brushes
  • Wood Heart
  • 12 Cut Paper Flower Templates
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun


DIY Canvas Art Video Instructions

DIY Chalkboard Canvas Art Instructions

1.Decide on how you would like to paint your canvas. You can paint the entire canvas one color or paint vertical, horizontal, or chevron stripes in either pink or black chalkboard paint.

When painting stripes, use 2 strips of painter's tape to create equal spacing between each line. Paint your canvas. Tip: Use your tissue paper to protect your surfaces when painting.

Paint the wooden heart in the opposite color of your background. Let the canvas and the heart dry. 

Get your paper flower templates and use your glue stick or a pencil to start twisting the paper into a flower. Twist tightly but release a bit to expand your flower before gluing.


Once twisted all the way until the end of the flower, hot glue the base of the flower to the bottom of your rosette. 


Hot glue wooden heart to the canvas in your desired spot. Arrange the flowers on the canvas as desired. Once placement is decided then hot glue flowers to the canvas. 


Use your canvas all year long to write notes to your sweetie, affirmations to yourself or your children or write family goals! 




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