Coffee Mug Holder and Coffee Emergency Sign


 Stay GROUNDED and ESPRESSO yourself with a few coffee bar essentials that you can craft at home. This craft kit gives you two projects that will turn your morning caffeine routine into a personal coffee house type of experience. 

The first craft is a gorgeous wood wall hanger to display your favorite mugs. And the second craft is a playful reminder of how coffee is "life"! Keep reading for a complete list of items needed for both projects. Save yourself the headache of shopping for each item and grab the 2 for 1 complete Home Made Luxe Coffee Bar Kit here

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Coffee Mug Holder & Sign Craft Kit 

Home Made Luxe Coffee Mug Holder & Sign Craft Kit

  • Wood Plaque
  • 2 Coffee Decals
  • Picture Hangers
  • 2 Black Hooks
  • Wood Stain
  • Paint brush
  • Coffee beans
  • 6x8 Wood Frame
  • Glue Stick
  • Instruction Booklet

Additional Items Needed: Hammer, Screwdriver, Card, Glue gun

Coffee Mug Holder and Sign Craft Kit Instructions 

coffee Mug organizer

1. Paint the wood plaque with wood stain and let dry. Add hangers to back of plaque with hammer.  Take a hard card (like a credit card) and rub it over the surface of the decal.


coffee Mug holder

 2. Slowly start peeling the paper away from the clear transfer paper with saying on it. If decal starts coming off with the paper rub the spot again with the card & try peeling again

 but first coffee sign diy

3. Once the decal is on the clear transfer paper, place on wood plaque & rub with card to adhere. Pull up the clear transfer paper slowly, rubbing saying with card as needed to adhere to wood. 


coffee Mug holder sign

4. Use a screwdriver and gold screws to screw the two hooks into the wood.  


but first coffee mug holder

 5. Hang your mug holder and add your favorite mugs to the hooks.


in case of emergency coffee bean sign

6. Get frame & clean the glass (Windex works well). Let dry. Decide if you would like your frame to stand horizontally or vertically. Repeat the transfer process for the decal and adhere to glass.


in case of emergency coffee bean sign

7. Remove matting and pour coffee beans onto the  inside of glass. Arrange beans to ensure one single layer.


in case of emergency coffee bean sign 

8. Replace backing or add white or colored paper and then frame backing. Use hot glue gun to secure if necessary. 


diy coffee bar signs

9. Add frame & mug holder to your coffee bar area & enjoy. 


diy coffee bar signs

 diy coffee bar signs





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