DIY Calligraphy Calendar

Time for a new year so let's create a cute calendar and learn a new skill: Calligraphy!

First, we'll teach you brush lettering calligraphy. You'll watch our step by step tutorial videos and practice on our practice sheets learning how to create beautiful brush lettering, starting with learning basic strokes, all the way to writing the months of the year and numbers in beautiful brush font.

Then you create a cute desk calendar using your new skills. 

You will find step by step directions below or you can grab a Home Made Luxe Calligraphy Calendar Craft kit here. 

Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe Calligraphy Calendar Craft Kit


    • Wood shadow box 
    • Calligraphy Workbook (download free workbook here)
    • White paint
    • Gold Hooks
    • Large Gift Tags
    • Paint Brush
    • TomBow Dual Brush Pen 
    • Gold Nail
    • Felt Pads
    • Hammer
    • Pencil


DIY Calligraphy Calendar Video Instructions

DIY Calligraphy Calendar Instructions

1. Paint wood panel white and let dry. Add three gift tags to the inside of the wood panel to determine perfect placement. 


2. Push pointed end of gold hooks through each hole in the gift tags to make small indentation in wood indicating where hooks will go. Remove the tags.

  3. Hammer nail slightly into each indentation to create bigger holes to screw in each hook. Use hands to screw the gold hooks into the holes, with the open side of the hook facing up.    

 4.You do not have to screw the hooks all the way into the wood.  If the screws come out on the other side. Add felt pads over the tips on the back. 


5.Use calligraphy workbook to learn how to create brush lettering. 

6. Write months of the year on 12 tags. Tracing with pencil first if needed. Add months to the first hook. 

 7. Write numbers 0-9 on 10 tags and add to second hook. Repeat numbers 0-9 on another 10 cards and add to third hook.

 8. Put today's date on your new calendar and enjoy! Use your new calligraphy skills to create other projects. (Tip: use tracing paper to reuse your workbook over and over)



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  • Yvonne Aldridge

    Hi where can I buy that calligraphy work book from . I would love one
    Many thanks

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