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Have you been wanting to make some changes to your home decor? Maybe you have been pinning inspiration on Pinterest hoping one day you will actually implement some of those ideas. Does the amount of pins keep growing but yet you haven't found the time, energy, or budget to do some sort of major overhaul? When it comes to bringing something new to your space, don't think you have to "go big or go home!". 


Just by adding small elements to your space, you can get a new look without a total redesign. We are firm believers that crafting can be a game changer for your home decor. That's why our mission here at Home Made Luxe is to provide a trendy, pin-worthy, DIY, home decor craft kit each month. 

Crafts that draw interest and bring light to a room, are easy ways to create a fresh new look. Keep reading for our Top Craft Picks To Brighten Your Home.


#1 Picture Frame Lantern

We are obsessed with this craft because it's so versatile. You can place these lanterns nearly anywhere in your home; foyer, study, mantle, bathroom, you name it! We also love that the customization for this craft is endless. Go with a beachy theme and add a little sand, some seashells, a starfish, and some burlap. In the fall add some gourds, an ear of "Indian corn", and a handful of multicolored leaves. Another cute look is adding rocks and succulents. But we also recommend the more classic look of just plain pillar candles. Here is a tip: Get the flameless battery operated candles so you can safely brighten your home with this lantern. If you are in love with the potential of this craft like we are, then you definitely want to make it easy on your self and get the Home Made Luxe Picture Frame Lantern Kit and get everything needed to make your own lantern. 

picture frame lantern diy project


#2 Sea Glass Candle

This will bring some interest to an otherwise plain space. Also, the colors that will be thrown on the wall from the light will be beautiful. 

Glass candle


#3 LED Dandelion Wall Art

Who doesn't like dandelions? Mixing the whimsical weed with some LED lights and you magically update a space.


#4 Starry Night Skyline Cylinders

This project is so simple but people are going to think it's something high end you paid for. We promise we won't tell.


#5 Homemade Letter Lights

Great for a playroom, bathroom, man-cave, or any area that you want to see your initials in lights.

What have been some of your favorite home decor projects that have totally brightened up a space in your home? Share below.


Picture Frame Lantern:

Sea Glass Candle:

Dandelion LED Wall Art:

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