DIY Grinch String Art Decor


merry grinchmas string art

This Grinch Christmas Decor is the perfect fun DIY Christmas decor. Say Merry Grinchmas with this fun and easy string art kit from Home Made Luxe.

You will find step by step directions below or you can grab a Home Made Luxe Grinch String Art Craft kit here

DIY Grinch String Art Materials 

Home Made Luxe Grinch String Art Kit


- Wood Plaque

- Wood Stain 

- Grinch Hand Template (download free template here )

- Grinchmas Decal

- Red String (2)

- White String

- Green String

- Paint Brush

- Gold Nails

DIY Grinch String Art Decor Video Instructions

DIY Grinch Christmas Decor Instructions

1. Stain wood plaque and let dry. Tape template to wood. Dots are just a guide, hammer nails as close together as possible, placing a nail in every corner, but ignoring difficult nail placements.

Grinch String Art


2. Adjust outline as needed for difficult placements especially the fingers. Once the nails are all hammered in, remove the paper template because it is difficult to remove after the thread has been strung. 



 3.  Use template or image on booklet cover as a guide for what color thread to use and start stringing your nails. Begin with red sleeve and tie the red string onto a nail, securing it with a knot.  



4. Use red string to outline the sleeve by winding string around each nail in section. Once outlined begin randomly stringing inside of section  to cover as much as possible. Keep string snug. 


5. Once the inside is filled in with string completely, tie a knot in the string & tighten around a nail. Snip the ends then tuck them inside the string art to hide them. 



6. Repeat with every section of the grinchmas project. Optional: go back and outline the edges with each color of string again just to define it nicely. 




7. Take a hard card (eg a credit card) & rub it over the decal. Slowly start peeling the paper away from the clear transfer paper with saying on it. If decal starts coming off rub again & try re-peeling.


8.  Once the decal is on the clear transfer paper, place on wood plaque & rub with card to adhere. Pull up the clear transfer paper slowly, rubbing saying with card as needed to adhere to wood.



grinch string art decor tutorial

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