DIY Loom Weaving Tapestry Tutorial

diy loom weaving tapestry tutorial
Learn to weave a tapestry using your very own reusable loom with this loom weaving craft kit. This craft kit contains a loom and loom tools you can use over and over again to create many types of tapestries and wall hangings. 

Grab this craft kit Here (all materials you need for this project are in the kit) =>


This is a Home Made Luxe craft subscription box project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit.


Check out the easy steps below as well as the quick video tutorial for this amazing DIY loom weaving tapestry. 

Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe DIY Loom Weaving Tapestry Craft Kit


  • Loom
  • Loom Comb
  • Tapestry Needles
  • Shuttle
  • Shed
  • Yarn in coordinating colors
  • Warp String
  • Arrow Hanger
  • Scissors

DIY Loom Weaving Tapestry Craft Kit Video Tutorial:


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