DIY Marble Wall Clock

This DIY Wall Clock project is a really simple DIY that looks classic. We have a wee bit of an obsession with everything marble lately. With Joanna Gaines putting marble tops in kitchens, backsplashes, and more -- she gives these homes an old-world charm with a modern edge.

So it's no wonder you received this classy marble wall clock this month in your craft subscription box from us! If you aren't subscribed yet, we send subscribers monthly craft projects right to your door. It is like Pinterest in a box. Every month the boxes will contain all the materials you need to create DIY home decor projects. If you'd just like to purchase it one time, you can grab this DIY Marble Clock Project Kit here while supplies last.

Even if you aren't a subscriber you can enjoy this adorable craft by picking up all the necessary supplies and following our step-by-step directions. Below are the complete instructions and instructional video to my this month's subscription box craft. Enjoy!

Materials for DIY Marble Clock


DIY Marbled Clock Video Instructions

DIY Marble Clock Instructions

Option 1: DIY Kid’s Routine Clock:

  • Write down evening routine with beginning and end times.
  • Use chalk to create triangles for these time blocks.
  • Use chalk to ‘color’ every other triangle, leaving a space at the bottom to write.
  • Write what child(ren) will be doing during each time block at the bottom of each triangle.
  • Place clock numbers as needed around clock (Optional: secure numbers with hot glue for permanent hold)
  • Add Clock hands and battery per kit instructions.
  • Hang and enjoy.

Option 2: DIY Marbled Clock

  • Add some white paint on a plate & water on another, use a paintbrush to slowly add water to paint.
  • Dip the tip of your feather in the watered down paint and practice marbling on your cardstock.
  • Try different strokes in different directions with different amounts of watered down paint.
  • Try quickly tapping a dry or damp sponge edge on your painted lines for different looks
  • Using your practiced marbling technique, use your feather to paint some strokes on your chalkboard.
  • Use just a few strokes to create a marbled look. If desired use the dry sponge around the edges of your clock.
  • Optional all over marbled look: Dampen the sponge and gently tap all overclock, adding more lines if needed.
  • Optionally removable look:  Another option is to use chalk to create a removable marbling effect.
  • Let dry and add as many or as few numbers to the clock as you would like. Optional: use glue gun to permanently secure numbers. Add Clock hands and battery per kit instructions. Hang and enjoy!

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