DIY Marbled Ring Dish Tutorial

This DIY Marbled Ring Dish is a simple yet gorgeous project that is very easy to make. You can make this on your own or this DIY Craft Kit is available at Home Made Luxe and makes the perfect gift, either as a DIY gift or you do the DIY and pass on the pretty DIY

Marbled Bowl. You can scroll down for video instructions or to download a free printable version of these instructions for this DIY marbled ring dish. Here are all the materials for this project that are delivered to your doorstep in a Home Made Luxe box.

Materials for DIY Marbled Ring Dish

DIY Marbled Ring Dish Video Tutorial

DIY Marbled Ring Dish Instructions

    Step One: Assemble colors your colors of clay. To make a classic marble dish use 1 piece black, 2 pieces of white and 2 pieces of silver To make a blue watercolor marble dish use 2 each of sky blue and white, 1 piece turquoise Tip: Cover your surface with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

    Step Two: Roll each color on the table or between the palms of your hand to form a ‘snake’ Each snake should be about 5” long Roll all snakes together and form one snake Roll the large snake between hands until snake is twice the original length.

    Step Three: Fold the snake in half and repeat the rolling and folding process 3-4 times. Be careful not to overdo this step because you will end up with a muddled mess! Once desired marbling is achieved, roll into a ball.

    Step Four: Use a glass or rolling pin to roll the ball flat until about 1/4 inch thick Options for forming bowl: Place inside of bowl and cut edges until straight or use bowl rim as outline and cut circle using knife, place on top of bowl If making coasters use wide end of glass to make circles Tip: Watch video to see several options for forming bowls.

    Step Five: Bake clay inside or on top of oven safe bowl, placing the bowl on a cookie sheet Bake on 275° for 15 minutes, then let cool Brush gloss glaze over entire dish and let dry Use finger or brush to add gold leaf paint to edges of bowls

    Note: You will be able to make multiple bowls and/or coasters with the amount of materials included in a Home Made Luxe Marbled Ring Dish craft kit. Happy Crafting! 


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