DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

I absolutely love this super easy yet gorgeous DIY Easter Bunny Wreath and so will you! Decorate your front door or a wall in your home with this adorable Moss Bunny Wreath. 

If you are subscribed to our monthly craft subscription box, which is like Pinterest in a box, your box will contain all the materials you need to create this moss bunny wreath. You can also grab this Moss Bunny Wreath DIY Project Kit here

Even if you aren't a subscriber you can enjoy this adorable craft by picking up all the necessary supplies and following our step-by-step directions. Below are the complete instructions and instructional video to my this month's subscription box craft. Enjoy!

DIY moss bunny wreath craft kit by home made luxe

Materials for Moss Bunny Wreath:


DIY Moss Bunny Wreath Instructions

six inch twig wreaths for DIY moss bunny wreath

Begin by taking the 6-inch wreaths and squeezing them at both ends until you hear them crack and the ends become pointy. If they are not as pointy as you would like you can add floral wire to the ends to make them more narrow.

DIY bunny ears using twig wreath

  Use floral wire to connect the two 6" 'bunny ears' to the 8" wreath. Use as much wire as you need to get a secure fit and complete by twisting the ends. Don't worry about how it looks we will use moss to hide the wire later.

floral wire to connect DIY bunny ears and body

easy DIY bunny wreath using twig wreaths

connect eight inch wreath to ten inch wreath for DIY moss bunny

Use the same technique and more floral wire to connect the 8-inch wreath with the 10-inch wreath.

glue gun and moss to decorate DIY Easter bunny wreath

Using a glue gun, apply a generous amount of hot glue to a small section of the wreath, then press moss into the glue to secure. Work your way around the entire wreath attaching the moss with the hot glue.

easy DIY Easter bunny wreath

DIY moss bunny wreath
press moss onto hot glue for DIY moss bunny wreath

  Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to fit around the bunny's neck, i.e. the area between the 8" and 10" wreathes. Hot glue the ribbon around the 'neck'. Next, tie a bow and hot glue it to the ribbon.

hot glue ribbon bow to DIY easter bunny wreath
easy DIY Easter bunny wreath with ribbon bow tie

ribbon bow tie for easter bunny wreath

easy easter arts and crafts for family

And that's it! This gorgeous wreath is perfect for Easter and all of Spring, you can add flowers as well for a nice accent. Instead of running out to the craft store searching for all the supplies, you can have everything you need delivered to your doorstep and get this Moss Bunny Wreath Kit from Home Made Luxe

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