DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

These DIY Paper Flowers on gold canvas is the perfect gift for mother's day. This is a project kit from Home Made Luxe and each monthly project is like Pinterest in a box and contains all the materials you need to create this DIY home decor projects like this one plus written and video instructions. You can grab this DIY Paper Flower Project Kit here


Materials for Paper Flower Canvas:
DIY Paper Flower Project Kit from Home Made Luxe


DIY Paper Flower Video Instructions

Click here to access Paper Flower Craft Video

DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

      Step One, Paint:
      • Tip: WATCH THE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS! This project is easier to follow when you watch it on video.
      • Decide if you would like the centers of your flowers to be gold or white. If gold, paint sheets of white paper with gold paint on both sides. You will need 2 sheets of paper per flower so 6 sheets for all 3 flowers
      • Paint your canvas gold (don’t forget the sides).  Let the first coat dry before adding the second coat.
Step Two, Prepare Petals:
      • Lay your pink templates on your white card stock and trace your petals. and circle You will need 7 petals of each size and one circle for each flower.
      • Cut all your petals out once you have finished tracing.  (Tip: Stack 2-3 white sheets on top of each other to cut several petals at once)
      • Once petals are cut fold them in half vertically. To make the process quicker stack  2-3 petals & fold together.
      • Starting from the bottom of your petal, cut a slit halfway up the creased line of your fold. Be careful not to cut the petal all the way to the top.
      • Use a glue stick to curl the edges of your petals away from you by placing the glue stick on each side of the petal and perform a rolling motion with the glue stick.
      • Place glue on one side of the slit and overlap the slit slightly (not too much overlap or your petals will be too tight). Do this with all the petals.
Step Three, Assemble Flower:
      • Start with your largest petals and add some glue to the outer edge of one petal. Place the edge of another large petal on top on that glue at about a 45` angle. Continue this step until all the large petals meet together forming a circle in the center of the flower.
      • Place the circle cutout over the hole in the middle of your flower base.
      • Start the second row by adding glue to the bottom back of medium petals and then placing the sticky base of the petal on the circle between the “gaps” of your large petals. (Tip: Do not place petals directly in front of each other, place between each other And place petals closer to the middle of your circle.) Repeat this step for the third row using the smallest set of petals.
      • Place hot glue on the back of the flower and adhere to center of the canvas. Repeat these steps to make 2 more flowers.
        Step Four, Pom Pom Center:
      • Take two sheets of Gold or White cardstock  (depending on the color of your center) & fold them in half vertically. Cut along the folded line to cut the cardstock in half. Fold each half in half vertically.
      • With the fold at the bottom use scissors to cut small slits (about 1/4” wide) along the folded end of the paper to create a fringed look. Be careful not to cut to the top of your paper.
      • Once the paper has been fringed separate it. You should have 4 pieces of fringed paper. Flip each piece of fringed paper inside out and glue the straight edges together. Perform this step on all 4 pieces of fringed paper.
      • Take one piece of fringed paper and tightly roll adding glue as you roll to secure tightly, being sure to keep the paper even.
      • Add the remaining fringed pieces one at a time to this roll again using glue as you go.
      • Once all fringed pieces have been added. Use your hand to “fluff” out your pom-pom center.
      • Add lots of hot glue to the bottom of the fringed roll and add to center of flower. Repeat this for each flower.

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