DIY Pumpkin Wreath

diy pumpkin wreath
Learn to create this gorgeous DIY Pumpkin Wreath from burlap and use this burlap wreath making skill to create many different wreaths in the future! 
This DIY Pumpkin Wreath craft kit is perfect for fall! You will be amazed how easy and how quickly you will finish this gorgeous DIY pumpkin wreath. This craft kit contains all the supplies and instructions you need to create the DIY pumpkin wreath.
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This is a Home Made Luxe craft subscription box project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit.


Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe Pumpkin Wreath Craft Kit


  • 6” Orange Burlap
  • 6” Green Burlap
  • 6” Natural Burlap
  • Chenille stems
  • .Scissors

DIY Pumpkin Wreath Video Tutorial:




DIY Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

1) Scrunch the end of your orange burlap and add a chenille stem to the end. Turn the wreath form over and use the stem to secure the burlap to the last ring of the wreath form.

 diy pumpkin wreath tutorial


2) Turn the wreath form right side up and start pulling burlap through the first ring to create a loop.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
3) Continue pulling burlap through each ring of the wreath form until you have three loops.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
4) Turn your wreath form over and twist the burlap in the back so you can switch directions. Use a chenille stem to secure if needed.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
5) Turn wreath form over and scrunch your loops to to the side to make room for one more round of loops in that section of the wreath form. Again start pulling the burlap to create three loops.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
6) Continue make three loops, 3 per section of the wreath form until the form is 3/4 full. Use the last two sections to repeat this looping process with the green burlap.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
7) Take your natural burlap and roll it into a 'stem'. Use a chenille stem to secure the roll at the bottom, then use the same stem to attach it to the top of the wreath in the middle of the green burlap.
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial
8) Add more chenielle stems around the stem and use your finger to curl them. Enjoy your wreath! Post your creation on social media & tag us @homemadeluxe
diy pumpkin wreath tutorial

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