DIY Spring Decor Frames

Spring and Easter will soon be here and you know what that means: craft time! It's time to break out your craft boxes and start making all the adorable do-it-yourself Spring Decorative Frames. This month’s Home Made Luxe project kit  includes 2 different crafts! The first uses moss to create a natural background for Spring; the second project you get to create your own DIY bird’s egg nesting frames.

Use these adorable frames to decorate your table, hang them on your wall, or anywhere else you have room to display your adorable DIY spring decor.

As usual you can have all the materials for this craft delivered right to your doorstep with Home Made Luxe Craft Kits! Grab your craft kit here or head out to the craft store for the materials below and follow these instructions!

Materials Needed:

  • 3 Frames
  • Green Moss
  • 2 Nests
  • 3 Wooden Eggs
  • Robin's Egg Blue Paint
  • White Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Spring wooden script
  • Hot glue gun & sticks


Step-by-step Instructions:

  • Grab the larger frame from your kit, white acrylic paint, and a foam brush. Paint the entire frame white.

  • Get your hot glue gun out! Hot glue your pre-cut moss to your dry white frame. Feel free to grab a pair of scissors and trim around the edges.

  • Using the same white paintbrush & white paint as before, paint the Spring wooden cutout. Make sure to get the sides!

  • Using your hot glue gun, place glue on the back side of the wooden word and place it in the center of the frame on the moss. Press firmly down until glue drys.

  • Grab the 2 smaller frames, robins blue paint, clean paintbrush, and wooden eggs. Before painting, make sure to take out the cardstock from the frames (you don't want to get paint on the paper).

  • Paint the frames and eggs Robins Egg Blue. After the paint dries on the wooden eggs, make sure to add personal touches by either speckling the eggs or painting additional designs on them.

  • Once the frames are dry, reinsert and secure the white card stock. Hot glue the birds nest on the white cardstock.

  • Glue one or two eggs into each bird's nest. (Tip: Watch the shape of the egg when gluing!)

  • You're DONE! Now it's time to decorate!!!

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