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DIY Starburst Mirror Tutorial

This DIY Starburst Mirror Art Project is so simple to do yet so fabulous. All the materials you need to create this starburst mirror art project are available in a Home Made Luxe Project Kit. 

DIY Starburst Mirror Material

DIY Starburst Mirror Video Tutorial

DIY Starburst Mirror Instructions

1. Fold sandpaper & sand wood as needed. Paint wood slats in desired color (white paint included). Allow to dry completely. (Tip: only paint one side and edges) 

2. Secure picture hanger to the middle of the smaller side of the wood plaque by pushing nails into wood with hands and then hammering in place. 

3.  Turn the plaque over and use hot glue to secure mirror to plaque. Let dry and set.

 4. With mirror facing down, arrange the shorter wood slats around the exposed part of the back of the mirror with painted sides facing down & thin sides facing inward.

 5. Overlap wood slats for a fuller look. Once desired fullness is achieved, use hot glue to secure the thinner side of each wood slat to the mirror.

6.  Arrange the longer wood pieces on top off the shorter pieces until desired fullness is achieved. Glue each piece in place with painted side down. Let dry and set.

7.  Once dry, turn over so the mirror is face up. Clean your mirror and hang. Tip: If white is not your color try wood stain for a rustic look. 


8. Tip: Or try a color that coordinates with your decor.







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