DIY Succulent Clay Planter

diy clay succulent planter

This simple yet satisfying DIY project is just gorgeous. Learn how to create these DIY Succulent Planters from oven baked clay. We have partnered with Sculpey this month and using their Sculpey Souffle clay to create these DIY clay pots. Enjoy 20% off all Sculpey products by using our code HMLUXE20 on 


This is a Home Made Luxe craft subscription box project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! The craft kit contains all the materials you need below to create this DIY succulent planter. That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit you won't be sorry! 


Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe DIY Succulent Clay Planter Craft Kit


DIY Clay Succulent Planter Video Tutorial

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DIY Clay Succulent Planter Tutorial

1) Cut out circle & rectangle from template. Remove clay from wrappers and roll each one into a small ball. Combine 4 balls into one and roll into a log.

 diy clay succulent planter

 diy clay succulent planter


diy clay succulent planter

2) Use roller or large rolling pin to create a rectangle that is about 1/4" thick & about the size of the template rectangle (it won't be perfect!) Careful not to make it too thin.



3) On one end (use end that is the smallest) place circle on clay and cut out circle using clay tool.

 diy clay succulent planter


4) Cut one side of the clay rectangle so that it is a straight line, this will be the bottom of your planter. You may cut the top of the other side straight or leave it alone for a more organic look.

 diy clay succulent planter



5) Cut the sides of the rectangle straight, first making sure it is long enough to wrap around the clay circle. Use the rounded end of the clay tool to push a staggered pattern of dots into the clay

 diy clay succulent planter


6) Working very carefully with the the clay to ensure no finger prints or indentations, wrap rectangle around the clay circle. Use rounded end of tool to gently smooth over joint where the ends meet.

 diy clay succulent planter



7) Seal bottom of planter by creating a thin snake with leftover clay & pushing snake into joint inside where the circle and sides meet. Bake planter in oven about 15-20 mins at 275 (do not let burn!)


 diy clay succulent planter

 diy clay succulent planter


8) Remove & let harden as it cools. Once cool, brush 2 coats of gloss glaze per directions. Add succulent using dirt or stones to raise to desired height.

diy clay succulent planter


diy clay succulent planter


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