DIY Wood Bead Wreath Tutorial

diy wood bead wreath tutorial

Learn how to make a gorgeous, unique wood bead wreath with this wood bead spring wreath kit. This super easy wreath makes the perfect crafty gift.

Grab this craft kit Here (all materials you need for this project are in the kit) => 

This is a Home Made Luxe craft subscription box project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit.


Check out the easy steps below as well as the quick video tutorial for this super fun DIY Wood Bead Wreath. 

Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe DIY Wood Bead Wreath Craft Kit


  • Wood Beads in Natural
  • Steel Ring
  • Peonies
  • Greenery
  • Roses
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape 
  • Glue Gun

DIY Wood Bead Wreath Video Tutorial:



DIY Wood Bead Wreath Tutorial

1) Locate welded part of metal hoop. Gently apply pressure back and forth to welded joint until it opens.

diy wood bead wreath tutorial

 2) String wood beads on metal hoop leaving a little room at opening. (We love the natural look of the beads but feel free to whitewash or stain if you so desire.)

diy wood bead wreath


3) Add tape to secure the hoop back together. (Tape can be found on end of glue stick).
wood bead wreath
4) Pull flowers and greenery off their stems. Lay out flowers and greenery on bottom of wreath (where tape is) in your desired arrangement.
wood bead wreath
5) Start with gluing large flower to cover tape (be sure to glue to tape and to surrounding wood beads.)
diy wood bead wreath
6) Continue adding flowers and greenery to the bottom of the wreath in your desired arrangement (Don't forget to add a mixture of large and small blooms!)
wood bead wreath tutorial
7) Once done, hang your gorgeous wreath on a door or add to a bookcase or display area for added Spring flair! Post your creation on social media & tag us @homemadeluxe
diy wood bead tutorial


  • Pauline Kwok

    I also did not receive small pink roses. Having those would have made the wreath a lot prettier.

  • Francine Young

    I did not receive small pink roses. You should send what is needed.

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