Holiday JOY Letters

Photo and Video tutorial on home decor diy JOY Glitter Letter Craft.Perfect project as we start thinking about the coming Winter holidays.

JOY is in the air! These gorgeous JOY letters are in neutral colors that will suit any decor and make the perfect DIY holiday craft.

You will find step by step directions below to make your own or grab a JOY Glitter Letter Craft Kit here and get everything you need to complete this craft. 



JOY Glitter Letter Craft

Home Made Luxe JOY Glitter Letter Craft Kit


-  "J" Paper Mache Letter

- "Y" Paper Mache Letter

- 8" Grapevine Wreath

- Gold Glitter

- Gloss Mod Podge

- Paint Brush

-Miniature Deer

-Sisal Bottle Brush Tree

-Glue Stick


JOY Glitter Letters Craft Kit Instructions 

1) Lay tissue paper from box down to gather glitter. Starting with the top of the J letter, brush a coat of mod podge on ensuring your letter is facing the correct direction. 


2) Use the sprinkle side of your glitter container & slowly sprinkle the glitter over the mod podge. Repeat with all sides and then with the Y Letter. Let mod podge dry completely. 


3) Once dry, apply a second coat of mod podge on top of the glitter to seal. The white glue will dry clear. Remove the wood base from the sisal tree by pulling it off. 


4) Decide where you would like to place the tree on the wreath and push the pointy end into the wreath. Secure with hot glue. Use wood base to prop up tree as it dries.


5) Choose a spot for the mini deer on the wreath and push into the wreath's stems, hot glue if needed to secure.  


6) Choose where you would like to place your wreath, either in line with or higher up on the  letters. Be sure the letters are lower than the wreath so the sign can stand up on its own. 


7)  Once desired wreath placement is chosen. Hot glue the wreath onto the front of your letters.


8) Find a spot to display your JOY! Happy Holidays! 







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