How To Make a Pumpkin Wreath

Fall is here and it's a great time to change up your home decor. In this blog, we will show you how to make a gorgeous DIY Pumpkin Wreath. This neutral color palette is a chic way to incorporate a fall theme in your home.

You will find step by step directions below or you can grab a Home Made Luxe Pumpkin Wreath Craft kit here


DIY Pumpkin Wreath Materials

DIY Pumpkin Wreath Craft Kit


- 10" Cream Deco Mesh

- 10" Wreath Form

- Pipe Cleaners

- 2 Types of Ribbon

- Pumpkin Berry Pick

- Glue Stick


Fall DIY Pumpkin Wreath Craft Kit Instructions 

1. Turn wreath form over & tie 2 chenille stems per section to the 2nd ring of the wreath form. Turn wreath form back over. Cut felt sheet into a circle the size of the second ring of wreath form.

 diy pumpkin wreath craft



2. Glue felt circle to the front of the wreath form. Cut 2 strips of deco mesh a little longer than the length of the wreath form. Place the two mesh strips on top of each other.



3.  Scrunch ends of one side of the mesh together folding the edges inward so they are unseen, then tie a stem around that end. Use the stem to secure the mesh to the wreath form.  



4. Scrunch the other end of the mesh strip & secure to the opposite side of the wreath form to create a poof. Position the poof so it covers the side of the wreath form.



5. Cut another 2 strips of mesh & turn over wreath form. Scrunch the ends & use stems on back of the wreath to secure the mesh on the top & bottom next to the 1st strip of mesh. 



6. Be sure to hide the ends of the 1st strip with this 2nd one. For the 3rd to 5th poofs, cut the mesh 6" longer than the wreath form. 



7. Secure to bottom of the form as usual but on the top leave extra mesh pointing upwards by securing with stems to the 1st ring of the wreath form. 



8. Repeat the process adding poofs of mesh until the entire wreath form is covered. This should be 7 strips in total.



9. Cut 3 strips of chevron ribbon about 8" or your desired length. Fold the tops of the ribbon into triangle & glue to secure. 



10. Glue the triangled ends to the exposed chenille stems that are securing poofs 3 to 5. Be sure to press and hold to secure until the glue dries. 



11. Fold the ribbon ends and cut on a diagonal to create a V cut on the ends of the ribbon.



12. Cut 2 strips of burlap ribbon and glue them between each strip of chevron ribbon. Cut the ends into a V shape.



13. Cut a 12" chevron ribbon strip & a 10" burlap ribbon strip and glue each to create two loops.



14. Place burlap loop on top of the chevron loop, squeeze the middle & secure with a chenille stem. Push pumpkin stem behind bow and fluff bow and wreath as needed. 



15. Turn wreath over to the back and remove any unused chenille stems, cut the long ends of all the used stems and cut the excess off deco mesh ends. 


16. Cut another felt circle and glue to the back of the wreath. 




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