Joy Ornament String Art Christmas Decor

joy ornament string art tutorial
Learn to create this gorgeous Joy Ornament String Art Christmas Decor that can be used as a the perfect DIY Holiday decor. 
This DIY Joy Ornament String Art craft kit is perfect for the holidays! String art is an easy holiday craft that is fun to do alone or at a holiday gathering. If you've been looking for the perfect holiday gift, you won't find another one better. In fact buy two and craft together, whether its in person or by zoom, 2 kits make the perfect holiday craft night. This DIY Joy Ornament String Art craft kit contains all the supplies and instructions you need to create the awesome string art kit. 
This is a Home Made Luxe craft subscription box project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit.


Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe Joy Ornament String Art Craft Kit


  • Wood Plaque
  • Gold Nails
  • Walnut Stain
  • Paint Brush
  • Red String
  • White String
  • Scissors
  • Hammer

DIY Joy Ornament String Art Video Tutorial:

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DIY Joy Ornament String Art Tutorial

1) Sand wood plaque as needed. Dust then stain the plaque.

joy ornament string art



 2) Once dry, tape the string art template to your plaque

ornament string art
3) Hammer nails in each black dot on the template. For the intricate sections, using a pliers to hold the nail while you hammer makes it much easier.
christmas string art
holiday string art decor
4) Once all the nails are added, remove the string art template from the wood plaque.
holiday string art decor
5) Tie a double knot around a nail on the ornament using the red embroidery floss. Begin stringing the floss from nail to nail to fill in the ornament.
string art christmas
6) N ow repeat this process for the white text and top of ornament by outlining these sections only.
holiday string art decor
7) F inish the ornament by outlining it in red embroidery floss.
joy ornament string art christmas decor
Hang your finished piece or display in a bookcase or table top. Post your creation & tag us @homemadeluxe
joy ornament string art tutorial

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