DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Learn to create this beautiful DIY Macrame Wall Hanging with this macrame tutorial. Macrame is back and this trendy wall hanging is so easy and fun! 
This Macrame Wall Hanging is the perfect minimalist home decor piece. The beautiful knots look complicated at first glance, but you'll be happy to learn that they're actually pretty simple to make. 
This is a Home Made Luxe craft kit project, which means you can purchase this as a craft kit here! That's right no craft store nightmare trying to find all these materials just grab the craft kit.


Materials Needed:

Home Made Luxe DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Craft Kit


  • Macrame Cord
  • 12" Wood Dowel
  • Comb
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging (video):


DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

1) Cut strands as follows: 14: 70" strands 4: 80" strands 2: 27: strands Fold the 70" strands in half and use a larkshead knot to secure them to the dowel



2) After making the 14 larkshead knots. Make a square knot with the first 4 strands. (See pg 6-7 for knot instructions). Repeat square knots with next 4 cords until all cords on row are knotted.


3) On the next row, skip first 2 cords on the left and continue making square knots until the you have 2 cords left at the right.


4) Next, skip 1st 4 cords on the left & continue making square knots until you have 4 cords left on the right. On next row, skip 6 cords on the left and make 3 square knots leaving 6 cords at the end.


5) Skip first 10 cords and make 2 square knots, leaving 10 cords on the other end. On the next row make one square knot with the middle 4 cords.


6) Hold the left cord to the right and create double half hitch knots with each cord on the left hand side. Continue until you get to the middle.


7) Repeat on other side. Take the right cord & hold it over to the left & create double half hitch knots. In the middle, put the left cord on top of the right cord & create a double half hitch knot.


8) Repeat to create another row of double hitch knots. Fold 80" cords to 60" on one side & 20" on the other. Hang cord to left of the dowel with larkshead knot so long side is on the left & short on right.


9. Add second cord on the left so long end is on the right & short end is on the left. The 4 cords should have long cords on the outside & short ends on the inside. Repeat this process on the right side.


10. Create spiral knot on the left hand side by repeating the first half of the square knot. i.e. create a 4 and pull right cord though the loop and repeat until the spiral is about 8" long.


11. Repeat making spiral knots on the left side by making backwards 4s and pull the left cord through the loop. Create knots until the spiral knots are about 8".


12. Use the 27" cord to create a gathering knot to connect the two spiral knot ends. Make U with the end of the 27" cord and place on top of the two spirals.


13. Wrap the long end around the spirals about 7 times & make sure the short end is popping out on top. Put the long end through the loop created & pull the short end that is on the top.


14. Cut the short end off on the top. And cut all the cords on the gathering knot straight across about 4" below the gathering knot.


15. Cut the left, right and middle cords 8" below the last knots on those rows. Then cut the other cords into a v to fit the lengths cut. Unravel the cords on the gathering knot and comb if desired.


16. Take the 27" cord and tie each end to the dowel between the spirals and the square knots. Use this loop to hang your piece. You did it! Enjoy your wall hanging!

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