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Mason Jar String Art

This Mason Jar String Art project is a simple yet gorgeous custom art piece. Its a beautiful way to add flowers to a room in an unexpected way. All the materials you need to create this project are available in a Home Made Luxe Craft Kit. Click here to grab your kit.  But if you want to try this project on your own feel free to Click here to grab the free mason jar template so you can make this beautiful piece! 

 diy mason jar string art tutorial youtube


  • Wood Plaque
  • Mason Jar Template
  • Walnut Stain
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • picture hanger
  • Gold Nails
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hammer


Click here to access mason jar string art tutorial


1. Nail picture hanger to the back of the plaque. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough wood surfaces on the front and sides of the plaque.

 mason Jar string art


2. Paint the wood plaque with wood stain. Let first coat dry and apply a second coat. Let dry completely.

mason jar string art kit

3. Tape mason jar template to wood plaque. Being sure to center template towards the bottom of the plaque to have room for the flowers on top.

 mason jar string art

4. Hammer gold nails into the template at the numbered dots. Use the string to tie a knot around nail #1. Then start wrapping string around each nail from 1 to 40.

mason jar string art


5. Wrap the string around each nail before moving to the next nail. Some of the dots have 2-3 numbers by them because they will be used 2-3 times.

 mason jar string art 

mason jar string art

6. When all nails have been stringed, tie a knot around last nail and trim excess string. Remove the mason jar template from the plaque.

 mason jar string art

7.   Cut flower stems and remove leaves, then slide them between nails and under string. Arrange as desired. You can change your flowers for the seasons!

 mason jar string art

8. If desired, string the body of the mason jar as well. Simply string from side to side until all nails on the body of the jar are stringed.

mason jar string art

Enjoy your creation.


mason jar template


mason jar string art tutorial pinterest

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