DIY Burlap Sunflower Wreath

This unique wreath is perfect for Summer! It's beautiful enough to hang indoors or out. While these wreaths cost over $70 on Etsy make your own burlap sunflower wreath with our craft kit. If you don't want to run out to the craft store to try to find these materials, you can grab our Sunflower Wreath kit. Our kit contains all of the materials you need to create this burlap wreath, click here to check it out => Home Made Luxe Sunflower Wreath Kit. Click here to grab your kit.

Below we have a detailed list of materials you will need and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sunflower burlap wreath.



  • Yellow Poly Burlap Mesh, cut into 10-inch squares
  • Green Deco Mesh, cut into 10-inch squares
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Chenille Stems
  • Plastic Canvas Circle
  • Wire Wreath Form

Extras You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Click here to access sunflower wreath video tutorial



1. Cut green & yellow mesh into 10-inch squares. (Tip: use objects to hold your mesh in place as you cut). Cut the chenille stems in three equal parts. 

Cut Yellow Green Deco Mesh


2. Create petals with the yellow & green mesh by folding 2 opposite corners inward, & pinching the middle until a bow tie looking petal is formed. 


3. Flip petal over and pull upwards to create a loop at the bottom. Put chenille stem through the loop and twist once to secure. Continue creating petals with all your mesh.



4. Once all your petals are created, attach green petals to the outer circle of the wreath form and yellow petals to the other 2-3 rows. Stagger petals as you go on subsequent rows.


5. Flatten and squeeze your petals as you go.  Use chenille stems to attach the plastic canvas circle to the inner circle of the wreath form. Turn wreath over to secure stems.


6. Gather end of burlap ribbon together & secure with chenille stem. Push end of the burlap ribbon through the inner circle of wreath form & secure with chenille stems on the back. 


7. Create 2" bubble with ribbon & secure to the outer edge of the plastic canvas by threading chenille stem through its holes.  


8. Continue creating bubbles from the outside of canvas inwards until the entire plastic canvas is covered. Trim frayed edges of petals and enjoy your wreath! 





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